Silver coins are a very popular item that many people buy for various reasons. They have 2 main uses: Investment and Collectibles. Though some coins are more valuable than others based on their specific collectible value, most are fair priced based on the spot price of silver at the given time.

A silver coin’s value is determined by it’s weight. The higher the weight the higher the cost. Typically the most popular silver coins are a simple 1oz. The benefit of purchasing silver coins compared to gold coins is the cost. Silver has historically fluctuated between $15-$30 per ounce in the last decade. So it doesn’t break the bank to dive into silver coin collecting!

There are hundreds of different types of silver coins that have been minted throughout the world, by countries and organizations, in the last several hundred years. Owning silver coins is a historic activity, people in empires thousands of years ago could be found holding silver coins that they used as currency.

In the USA, the American Silver Eagle is the most popular silver coin. In China the Silver Panda is, in Canada it is the Silver Maple Leaf. Along with those Britain has Britannias.