Where to Sell Casio & G-Shock Watches Las Vegas, NV

Casio is one of the most recognizable and durable watch brands in the world. You may have a few watches that you are not using anymore, a Casio, perhaps? Or one of its more well-known models, the G-Shock. So if you own one and want to sell them, you can learn a thing or two on where to sell your Casio watch or where to sell your G-Shock watch.

Where to Sell Casio Watch

If you have acquired new watches or simply want them out of your hands, the best option for you is to sell your Casio watch. Where to sell your Casio watch, you ask? Nevada Coin Mart is the most reputable Casio watch buyer in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. We are the top choice on where you can sell your Casio watch for quick cash. 

Where to Sell G-Shock Watch

The Casio G-Shock is the most well-known Casio watch model. It is durable and shockproof, perfect for your outdoor adventures. But what if you want to slow down a bit and want a watch that is not very outdoorsy? Nevada Coin Mart will be happy to buy your G-Shock from you. You don’t need to scour the internet or Las Vegas or Henderson looking for a place where you can sell your G-Shock watch. Nevada Coin Mart provides a safe and secured place where you can sell your G-Shock watch.

About Casio Watch

Casio or Casio Computer Co., Ltd is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures electronic devices. Casio was established in April 1946 as Kashio Seisakujo by Japanese fabrication technology engineer Tadao Kashio. Its first product was the yubiwa pipe, a ring that holds a cigarette. 

In 1949, inspired by the electric calculators exhibited at the first Business Show in Ginza, Tokyo, Kashio and his brothers decided to create calculators. The majority of the calculators used during that time were hand-operated using a crank or motor. Toshio, one of Tadao’s brothers, has some knowledge of electronics and used that to create a calculator using an electromagnet called a solenoid. And in 1954, the desk-sized calculator was unveiled. It was also Japan’s first electro-mechanical calculator. 

In the 1970s, Casio began making various electronic instruments such as the famous musical instrument, the electronic keyboard. However, Casio’s best product was unveiled in 1974, the Casio wristwatch. The company was one of the first makers of watches that use quartz movements, both used in digital and analog displays.

Casio watches instantly became a massive hit. Their digital display watches became the world’s first successful electronic watch. The watches looked like a mini-computer that accurately tells time and date. 

In 1984, Casio released its world-famous G-Shock watches. The G-Shock range also uses a digital quartz movement and is more durable than its predecessor. The G-Shock range has a more rugged appearance and is shockproof and water-resistant. And because of that, it is a top choice for people who love the great outdoors. Some G-Shock models also come with other functions such as a digital stopwatch, date display, and a second time-zone. 

When the 1990s came, Casio released a lighter, stylish, and more colorful version of the G-Shock called Baby-G. Baby-G shares the same functions as its predecessor G-Shock but is just more stylish, and it also became a fashion icon at the time of its release.

Today, Casio remains at the forefront of digital watches and is still one of the top choices for digital watch enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts.