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Michael Kors is a world-famous brand known for its ready-to-wear, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and fragrance for men and women. They are also known for their watches which are popular amongst young people. Their watches are high quality and precise, which are also water-resistant and come with stainless steel or leather straps. Read more to learn about where to sell your Michael Kors watch and Michael Kors watch value.

Michael Kors Watch Value

Michael Kors watches are more stylish than precise. They may not be of the highest quality in manufacturing, but their design and brand name are their major selling points. The following are some reminders during the valuation process:

  • Secure the original box or sales receipt. Watch dealers can assist you in authenticating your watch and determining its value. There are many counterfeit watches on the market, so you will need to ensure potential purchasers that your watch is genuine.
  • Do a quick search on the internet on the current retail worth of your watch. Keep in mind that you will get a lower price than you would at a store. Because it is “used,” your watch may not be worth as much as the new ones if it is still being sold.
  • Older, vintage watches may be more valuable to collectors. It may be appreciated since you got it, especially if it was a limited-edition watch. So if you have one such as this, make sure that you take care of it to the best of your ability. 
  • Assess the state of your watch. If your watch has spent the majority of its existence on your dresser, it is likely to be in excellent shape. However, it would surely benefit from some cleaning and polishing.

Where to Sell Michael Kors Watch

The best place to sell your Michael Kors watch is Nevada Coin Mart. We are the largest buyer of watches in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. In addition, we offer a free evaluation of your Michael Kors watch. Nevada Coin Mart has been in business for more than two decades and has been recognized by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as one of the most outstanding businesses in Las Vegas.

For more information, visit us at Nevada Coin Mart®, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us at 702-998-4000. We are open from 9 AM to 6 PM every day of the year.

Brief History

Michael Kors is a world-famous, award-winning fashion designer designing luxury ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. He was born on August 9, 1959, as Karl Anderson Jr. His parents divorced, and his mother eventually married Bill Kors. His mother told him that he would be getting a new last name and he could choose a new first name; he ended up choosing Michael as his first name and David as his middle name. Thus, Michael David Kors was born.

Kors’ mother was a model, and he was exposed to the fashion world as a young boy. As a result, he developed an affinity for fashion. Kors also redesigned his mother’s wedding dress for her second marriage. He also began designing and selling clothes when he was a teenager. And from then on, he decided to become a fashion designer.

Kors continued to build his fashion empire with over 770 stores worldwide. He also went to on dress society’s elite such as former first lady Michelle Obama, the Duchess of Cambridge, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other A-list celebrities. 

Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors is also known for its accessories and swimwear. The company released a collection of men’s watches in 2001, and following its success, it also released women’s watches in 2004. All Michael Kors watches are water-resistant and are equipped with a quartz movement. Micheal Kors also collaborated with Swarovski to create elegant watches. They offer a wide range of designs and styles, such as stainless steel bands and faux leather bands with various patterns. The brand also carry sportier model watches with chronograph functions and digital watches as well.

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