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Sell Fashion Jewelry

Fashion or costume jewelry is a type of bodily adornment that carries far less expensive materials compared to fine jewelry. It is often made of materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, or even nickel. Colorful plastic stones, cubic zirconia, or glass crystals are examples of simulated stones. Read more to learn about where to sell fashion jewelry and fashion jewelry buyers.

Brief History

People have been associating jewelry with precious metals like gold for a long time now. During ancient times, jewelry was made with various materials such as bones, branches, leaves, shells, and other available materials. Ancient humans have adorned themselves with various jewelry items. These jewelry pieces also have meaning, such as social status, wealth, talismans, and more. 

Non-precious metal jewelry faded into the shadows when people started using gold in their jewelry. And it was only in the 1920s during the Art Deco period that costume jewelry re-emerged as a trend. Mass production of jewelry was introduced during this period. During this era, Coco Chanel popularized fashion jewelry as a way to complete a look. 

By 1935, the Retro period emerged. Jewelry in this period has bold yet glamorous design. Flowers, bows, and designs with military themes were popular during this period. In addition, materials such as plastic are the most commonly used in jewelry making. Thus, bold colors were also popular during this period. 

The major factor in the popularity of fashion jewelry was Hollywood films. Leading female actors would wear jewelry designed by various designers. In addition, advertisements would also show popular stars like Elizabeth Taylor wearing the jewelry. As a result, average women can also own and wear jewelry.

Today, people see fashion jewelry as collectible items, especially if they are vintage. Most of the popular collectible pieces are the “signed” ones, which means pieces that have the maker’s mark on them like Miriam Haskell, Coro, Crown Trifari, Butler, and Sphinx. 

Characteristics of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has its own unique characteristics that differentiate them from fine jewelry. So if you want to sell your fashion jewelry, it is important that you can distinguish them from fine jewelry. And here are some of the equally essential characteristics of fashion jewelry:


Boldly colorful is one of the defining characteristics of fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry comes in a variety of colors, from gaudy brightly colored ones to more subtle and classic gold and silver. This type of jewelry is characterized by color rendering on the jewelry using enamel, colored metals, and precious stones to generate tonal gradation or contrast.

Natural Theme

Fashion jewelry makers explore the reality and dream worlds of flowers, ornamentals, butterflies, frogs and fish, snakes and scorpions, and even jungle patterns to keep up with present trends.

Lightweight Design

As the price of precious metals continues to climb, fashion jewelry has begun to gain popularity with its unique design and affordable prices. People mainly attribute this to the use of lightweight techniques powered by advanced computer laser engraving technology.

Organic Shape

The world’s fashion jewelry design trends continue to gain popularity as it shifts to diverse organic or natural design domains and the use of precious metals and stones in jewelry designs based on the organic shape of the structure, shape, and texture.

Where to Sell Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion Jewelry Buyer

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