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Fashion jewelry, sometimes called costume jewelry, is typically composed of base metals and imitated stones. These items are frequently constructed of brass, copper, or aluminum, prone to bending and tarnishing. Fashion jewelry includes items created entirely of textiles or leather, base metal alloys, and even metals plated with precious metals such as gold or silver. Plastic stones, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals are examples of simulated stones.

This type of jewelry has a short shelf life since it is constructed of materials prone to splitting or tarnishing. Furthermore, once they have fractured, they are nearly impossible to repair because the heat required to solder the brass or copper parts back together would merely blacken the gold or silver plating. Fashion jewelry, indeed, is far less expensive than fine jewelry. Therefore a broken piece might be readily replaced.

Brief History

Looking back 75,000 years, jewelry was made of bones, stones, and even animal teeth. It was not until the Ancient Egyptians learned that they could create beautiful items that they realized might be a source of income for many of their people. The middle class makes exquisite jewelry, while the upper class buys and wears their final products.

Fashion jewelry during Cleopatra’s reign primarily comprised gold and vivid stones. It is characterized by big chunky necklaces, bracelets, and sterling silver rings abound, with some even serving as headpieces. Birds, snakes, and the phoenix were the most common designs.

Nobles could only wear jewels in the 1400s, or the Middle Ages. Fashion jewelry became religiously symbolic while still serving as a social status symbol. Jewelry was primarily worn on special occasions back then, and the designs were generally religious.

The modernization of jewelry occurred during the 15th and 16th centuries. The designs are still religious and symbolic, but there is a twist in them about this period. It’s no surprise that jewelry specialists and historians refer to this period as the “jewel age,” as it was at this time that jewels became more widely available to the general public. This was the first time in history that everyone could wear jewelry, regardless of social rank or faith.

Pieces of jewelry are now so common that almost everyone, including infants, wears them daily. It is still worn as a status symbol, especially if it is set with pricey diamonds or precious gems, but it is also worn for beauty and complements a person’s overall appearance.

Characteristics of Fashion Jewelry

Here are some of the equally essential characteristics of fashion jewelry:


The mix of bright, warm, and cool colors in fashion jewelry creates the illusion of a classic yet fashionable look. This type of jewelry is characterized by color rendering on the jewelry using enamel, colored metals, and precious stones to generate tonal gradation or contrast.

Natural Theme

Whether it is color or shape, jewelry designers look to nature for inspiration. Fashion jewelry makers explore the reality and dream worlds of flowers, ornamentals, butterflies, frogs and fish, snakes and scorpions, and even jungle patterns to keep up with present trends.

Lightweight Design

As the price of precious metals continues to climb, fashion jewelry has begun to gain popularity with its unique design and affordable prices. This is mainly attributed to the use of lightweight techniques powered by advanced computer laser engraving technology.

Organic Shape

The world’s fashion jewelry design trends continue to gain popularity as it shifts to diverse organic or natural design domains and the use of precious metals and stones in jewelry designs based on the organic shape of the structure, shape, and texture.

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