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Swarovski is an Austrian glass manufacturer based in Wattens, Austria, that has operated as a family-owned business since Daniel Swarovski founded it in 1895. This line of jewelry comes in three major categories. First is the Swarovski Crystal Business, which manufactures crystal glass, jewelry, and accessories. Second is the Swarovski Optik which produces optical instruments such as telescopes, telescopic sights for rifles, and binoculars. Lastly, the Tyrolit is a maker of grinding, sawing, drilling, and dressing equipment, as well as a supplier of tools and machines.

Today, Swarovski’s Crystal Business stands as the company’s most profitable unit, with nearly 3,000 stores in 170 countries, more than 29,000 employees, and a turnover of approximately 2.7 billion euros in 2018.

Brief History 

Daniel Swarovski was born in northern Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. His father operated a small glass factory and worked as a glass cutter. It was there that the young Swarovski completed his apprenticeship and learned the art of glass cutting. He eventually invented the electric cutting machine in 1892 that made it easier to cut and form crystal glass.

The Swarovski company, originally known as A. Kosmann, D. Swarovski & Co., and later shortened to KS & Co., was founded in 1895 by Swarovski, financier Armand Kosmann, and Franz Weis. To take advantage of the local hydroelectricity for the energy-intensive grinding processes Daniel Swarovski had patented, the company built a crystal-cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol. 

In 1899, the company first used the edelweiss flower in its logo, and it spread to France under the name Pierres Taillées du Tyrol or “Cut stones from Tyrol.” Then, in 1919, Swarovski created Tyrolit, taking the crystal industry’s grinding and polishing tools to a new market.

In 1935, Swarovski’s son Wilhelm designed a pair of personalized binoculars, which led to the establishment of Swarovski Optik 14 years later. Binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and telescopes are among the optical instruments developed by Swarovski Optik. Swarovski made its debut in the jewelry industry in the United States in 1977. Then, in 2012, the founder’s great-great-granddaughter, Nadja Swarovski, became the company’s first female executive board member.

Value of Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski jewelry items possess numerous attractive characteristics. These characteristics are significant in determining its value when eventually sold to a jewelry buyer or dealer. First, Swarovski Crystals provides a wide range of jewelry and decoration crystals in a variety of price points and quality levels. In terms of both elegance and sparkle, and longevity, every Swarovski piece tends to have a great quality or price ratio. Swarovski crystals are made from various materials, including quartz, sand, stones, and lead, and they have an ever-present sparkle and longevity that many natural crystals lack.

Second, the use of lead in the production and manufacture of Swarovski jewelry led many people to be interested in the jewelry collection. Swarovski crystals have a lead content of 32 percent on average. The lead aims to give the crystals some much-needed resilience as well as to optimize their refraction. Today, their crystals contain less than .009% lead, allowing them to be classified as lead-free.

Third, although prone to wear and tear for its natural state, is manufactured to be stronger than it should. This is why, if damaged, a Swarovski item will have less value than ones that are intact and free from imperfections. They should not be left in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and they should be washed carefully and regularly. Remember that the chemical coating on Swarovski crystals will tarnish more quickly than natural crystals if they are exposed to excessive sweat, perfumes, or washed with harsh detergents.

Finally, the authenticity and condition of the Swarovski jewelry item will be a major consideration in determining its value. When proven genuine or authentic, its value can spike from hundreds to thousands of dollars provided that it is in great condition. 

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