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Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

History shows that the style of vintage costume jewelry changed every decade. Each decade highlighted certain styles, items, and designers. Aside from the invention of costume jewelry, women also learned to put their hair bobbed in the 1920s. This hairstyle provided the perfect opportunity to show off striking earrings. Long, swaying necklaces that emphasized the wearer’s neck and swung as they danced were popular. Pearls became fashionable, and wearing jewelry articles that are not entirely expensive became common. 

Value of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Here are some of the things to know about when determining the value of your costume jewelry. These are important details that can help you get a good deal when you finally decide to sell costume jewelry.

Craftsmanship. Craftsmanship relates to the nature of jewelry creation. If a jeweler made an item by hand, consumers would normally value it more. Costume jewelry made by a machine can still be valuable. However, a handcrafted item will be more valuable. For anyone who buys vintage costume jewelry, craftsmanship will always matter.

Design. Since certain eras highlighted specific designs, an item’s style can reveal the era from which the item comes. Hence, the design of a jewelry piece can help determine its history. Understandably, if an item comes from an older era, it can be valued higher.

Jewelry Mark. Highly-respected jewelers used to leave their mark on their pieces. Their logos help the market ensure the quality of an item. So, if you can uncover a designer’s signature on your costume jewelry, that will considerably increase your costume jewelry’s value. The average shop owner who buys vintage costume jewelry should know how to read jewelry marks and use them to determine the item’s era.

Materials. The materials used to construct and manufacture the piece are also taken into account by a well-known vintage and antique jewelry value calculator. Costume jewelry can be composed of high-end materials such as diamonds, sapphires, gold, platinum, or low-cost materials such as silver, rhinestones, and amethysts.

Best Buyer of Vintage Costume Jewelry

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Where to Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

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Brief History

Generally, antique dealers consider any item to be vintage if it is at least 50 to 100 years old. This includes jewelry that smiths created in the 1920s to 1950s. Many repeating elements from antique designs, including flora, fauna, enamel, kitsch motifs, figures, and rhinestones, can be found in such pieces. These pieces do not necessarily contain high amounts of gold, but they can still contribute to the value of vintage costume jewelry. The item’s history can also jack up its price. That said, if you have one, consider selling your vintage costume jewelry. 

Vintage jewelry’s age distinguishes it from other types of jewelry like bracelets, with production and development dating back to the 1920s. Costume jewelry from the past is by far superior in quality and craftsmanship than costume jewelry from today. Majority of this jewelry came from the Northeastern United States. Back then, makers commonly utilized a mix of base metals in creating costume jewelry.

Costume jewelry was established around the nineteenth century when jewelers decided to experiment with low-cost glass. Their designs evolved as a response to changing social and political movements, and they typically reflect broader trends in the fine jewelry business. They made costume jewelry that aims to resemble valuable, fine jewels as closely as possible, which led to the usage of white metals, vividly colored stones, and fake pearls.