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Sell Fossil Watch

Fossil is a watch brand that produces and sells mid-range budget-friendly watches. Its watches are fashion watches which are quite popular in parts of the world. Although many people do not considere Fossil watches as luxury watches, they are very competitive in appearance and accuracy. Fossil watches are classy-looking, and you can even wear them to fancy dinners. But the question is can you resell your Fossil watch? You absolutely can! Sell your Fossil watch today and learn more about where to sell Fossil watches and Fossil watch resale value.

Where to Sell Fossil Watch

When it comes to selling second-hand watches, Nevada Coin Mart is the place to be. Nevada Coin Mart is the largest buyer of Fossil watches in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. So if you are downsizing or have acquired new watches, you can sell your Fossil watch to us! We offer a free evaluation when you bring your watch with us, and there is absolutely no obligation to sell. 

For more information about selling your Fossil watch, visit us at 4065 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us at 702-998-4000. We are open every day from 9 am until 6 pm.

Fossil Watch Resale Value

Fossil watches are mass-produced mid-range watches that do not typically hold their value. Even though they do not hold their value well, you can still sell your Fossil watch for cash. And if you plan on selling your Fossil watch at Nevada Coin Mart, we will be happy to evaluate your watch for a fair price. These are the factors that watch buyers look at when evaluating your Fossil watch:

  • Condition
  • Model

About Fossil Watch

Fossil Group, Inc is an American fashion company established in 1984 by a former Texas A&M University student Tom Kartsotis. The company was actually a suggestion from Tom’s brother Kosta Kartsotis, an executive at Sanger-Harris. And it was originally named Overseas Products international, where it imports products from East Asia, specializing in importing budget-friendly fashion watches. And in 1990, the company introduced leather goods under the label Fossil and Relic for watches.

The company also became publicly traded in 1993 when it launched its IPO, or initial public offering for its stocks. 

Fossil has always wanted to have a Swiss presence in its watch lines. And as a result, Fossil acquired the Swiss watch brand Zodiac Watches which was established in 1882, for $4.7 million in 2001. Upon acquiring the business, Fossil revamped the Zodiac watch line to adhere to the retro-modern 1970s style. And in 2004, Fossil bought Michele Watch, which completed their acquisition of high-end Swiss watches with a designer flair.

In 2013, Fossil launched a line of high-end watches made in Switzerland called Fossil Swiss. And today, Fossil is one of the most well-known watches domestically and internationally. 

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