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Sell Citizen Watch

Citizen is a mid-range watch brand that prides itself on Swiss and Japanese technology and innovation. The company dedicates itself to the innovation and precision. It is also a watch that has good resell value. So if want to sell your Citizen watch collection, this blog will help you learn about where to sell Citizen watch and Citizen watch value.

Citizen Watch Value

Citizen watches are pretty affordable, and they do not hold their value well. However, that does not mean that it cannot be sold in the secondary market. The watches are readily available in the market but are not as popular as Casio or Seiko watches. However, it is a wonderful watch and can still be sold at a certain price. So when you plan on selling your citizen watch, here are what we look for when evaluating Citizen watch’s value:

  • Model – Some models that are no longer available in the general market are considered rare. So if the model you have is considered rare, it is more valuable.
  • Condition – Watches in good condition have a better chance of being sold in the secondary market.
  • Movement – Automatic movement watches are pricier than those that have quartz movement.

Where to Sell Citizen Watch

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell your Citizen watch. We are the largest buyer of watches in Las Vegas and Henderson. And as a result, Las Vegas Review-Journal has recognized us as the best in Las Vegas for two consecutive years. Our watch experts have over two decades of experience, so rest assured that you get the best value for your watch. 

For more information about selling your Citizen Watch, visit us at 4065 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us at 702-998-4000. We are open every day from 9 AM until 6 PM.

Brief History

Swiss and Japanese businessmen officially established Citizen in 1930. However, the brand was already operating in 1918. Watchmaker Rodolphe Schmid initially registered it in Switzerland for the watches he marketed in Japan. When it was officially established in Japan in 1930, the company used the Shokosha Watch Research Institutes facility and Schmid’s factory as well. Citizens grew quite popular in Japan but failed worldwide.

Citizen started to focus on innovation and started to research how to make waterproof watches. As a result, it released its first fully waterproof watch in 1959, the Parawater. Parawater was a huge success inspiring a collection of Citizen diving watches. 

Another of Citizen’s innovations is the quartz movement. With the advent of mechanical watches, Citizen launched a more budget-friendly watch. This watch contains a quartz movement which means it uses a battery for its power rather than the more expensive automatic movement watches. 

Citizen also prides itself on accuracy, precision, and quality. It is even seen in its corporate philosophy.  And this is one of the advantages when you sell your Citizen watch in the secondary market. 

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