Sell Gold Plated Jewelry in Las Vegas | Where to Sell Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is any metal jewelry that has a thin layer of gold on top of its surface. Since the amount of precious metal in such jewelry is minimal, they tend to be much more affordable than fine gold jewelry. And since they are relatively inexpensive, collecting them is easy. You can sell gold-plated jewelry to earn a few bucks if you have too many of these. If you want to learn more about NCM and the value of gold-plated jewelry, we recommend you read on. 

Sell Gold Plated Jewelry 

Selling gold plated jewelry is one of the easiest ways to earn money if you are a collector. They are also the safest way to get into specific jewelry trends. If there’s a current craze in jewelry trends, gold-plated jewelry will help you enjoy the aesthetics of fine jewelry without breaking your bank. With that in mind, you might want to look for fellow fashionistas if you want to sell your collection. However, that might be complicated and tedious since it would require good connections. So instead, try to look for a place where you can sell your gold-plated jewelry, a place like NCM. Nevada Coin Mart is home to professional jewelry buyers that know and understand the value of gold-plated jewelry, so you know you will get the best deals your items deserve. 

Value of Gold Plated Jewelry

For most refiners of gold, extracting the actual gold from gold-plated jewelry is almost always not worth the effort. Some say this is because the gold in plated jewelry is so thin that retrieving the gold takes too much work. However, you can still find places where you can sell your gold-plated jewelry. The best one in Las Vegas right now is Nevada Coin Mart, which offers the best deals in the area for second-hand gold plate jewelry. 

Where to Sell Gold Plated Jewelry

Most individuals who buy gold-plated jewelry are not willing to pay a fair amount since they are set to look for cheap items. Remember that the price of your gold-plated jewelry relies mainly on the thickness of its gold plating. So, if your item is heavily coated with gold, it should not be cheap. As you can see, selling gold-plated jewelry can be tricky. To avoid these hassles, you can go to our shop at Nevada Coin Mart and talk to one of our expert buyers today. We also have the best deals for rings and other costume jewelry. You can find us at Nevada Coin Mart®, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 to know more. 


Aside from its affordability, gold-plated jewelry does possess other characteristics that make them a crowd favorite. Let’s go over some of them quickly:


Although thin, the gold plating in such jewelry allows it to mimic the luxurious aesthetics of fine jewelry. With this, you can enjoy the glitz and sparkle of expensive jewelry without having to spend more than you can afford.


Gold is an extremely malleable element, so even fine gold jewelry will have metal alloy. Gold-plated jewelry, on the other hand, has more metal alloy, making them sturdier and more solid to touch. With that in mind, it is more understandable why fine jewelry is more susceptible to scratches and tears than gold-plated jewelry.