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Any article of jewelry that is solid and fits snugly around a body part is called a ring. Any article of jewelry that is solid and fits snugly around a body part is called a ring. It is usually a round band made of metal that is worn as an ornament. 

The term “ring” often denotes a jewelry piece that is worn around the finger, but there are also other parts of the body around which a ring can be worn. Such rings include neck rings, arm rings, and toe rings. An earring can also be considered as a ring that is worn attached to the ears because of the way it hugs the earlobe. Aside from metals, other hard materials are used in manufacturing rings, too. These materials include plastic, gemstones, glass, stones, bones, and wood. Precious and semi-precious stones are sometimes set into ring bands as an accent such as a diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire.

Aside from being worn as an ornament, rings also have symbolic functions involving marriage, high status or authority, exceptional achievement, or membership in an organization. In fictional stories, fable, or myth, rings would often be endowed with spiritual or supernatural significance. 

The location in the body would often signify a symbolic meaning or association. For example, rings placed on the ring finger of the left hand have become customary for betrothal, engagement, and wedding rings in major parts of the world. It was believed that the ring finger is directly connected to the heart via a vein called the “vena amoris” or vein of love. Meanwhile, some rings are repurposed to hang from necklaces or bracelets for its sentimental value. 

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Various types of rings circulate the market today. There is probably a ring for every function. However, rings are more often identified based on their style. Below are some of the most popular ones you can find:

  • Solitaire – refers to a ring set with a single stone; this is usually the kind of ring used for proposals and engagements. 
  • Cluster – a ring that features more than one stone on its top. 
  • Halo – pertains to a ring that has one large center stone surrounded by smaller stones around its pacing
  • Bezel – a ring that has a raised top with a flat surface where a stone is set deeper into the ring’s basket
  • Eternity – also known as infinity ring, this type of ring consists of a straight metal shank with a line of identical stones set continuously around the band, signifying the idea of a never ending love
  • Bombe – this ring’s main characteristic is its rounded appearance, it’s like a cluster ring without the harsh edges

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